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See photos from our May 2006 concert, Songs and Words of Protest

Upcoming performances

Going Over Home (CD, 2001)

Guitarist George Castelle and I worked with our producer and friend Jim Martin for almost two years to produce this collection of songs. Most are my compositions, although we also included one Kate Wolf song (“Give Yourself to Love”) and the traditional ballad from which we took the name of the album. Going Over Home was released in November 2001. Several of the songs in this collection have been featured on Public Radio International's internationally syndicated live music program “Mountain Stage” as well as on “The Folk Sampler.” The album includes guest performances by Bob Thompson, Jim Martin, Julie Adams, Charlotte Moellendick, Laura Harbert Allen, and some other good friends and great musicians.

Here's what people are saying about Going Over Home:

“The interplay between Anderson's vocals and George Castelle's beautiful, sturdy guitar work has an intimacy and warmth not often captured on record.” - Michael Shannon Friedman, reviewer for The Charleston Gazette

“Your songs speak to my heart and I sing along with total abandon.” - Dorinda Wilson, MI

“I have my stereo set on ‘repeat’ because I want to listen to your music over and over.” - Beth Cahape, WA

“Colleen Anderson and George Castelle are musical storytellers, certain to awaken some of your very favorite memories of life’s simple pleasures.” — Jenny Lazarus, Public Affairs Specialist, Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority, Cumberland, MD

Fabulous Realities (CD, remastered 2006)

Originally produced in 1991 as a cassette tape, also with the guidance and technical help of Jim Martin, Fabulous Realities is newly remastered and now available as a CD. It includes 11 original songs and two narrative poems. One song, “West Virginia Chose Me,” has been recorded by a number of other performers and was also included on a special collection, “Songs of Home,” produced in 2002 by the West Virginia Lottery.

Here's a sample of what people have said about Fabulous Realities:

“Colleen Anderson's self-produced collection of songs and poems is an eclectic mix of styles and emotions, and she is fluent in all of them.” - Dirty Linen Magazine

“My whole family enjoys Fabulous Realities, which we always bring along on our long car trips.” - Nancy Mattei, MA

“Your music touches a place deep in my soul. Please keep putting into verse and song what so many of us feel but can't find the words to express.” - Mary Lee Scalf, VA

“Every song means something personal to me.” - Beverly Walter, WV

POTLUCK: A Celebration of Women, Wisdom, and Home Cooking

What is POTLUCK? It's an hour-long live performance...a feast of stories, songs, and poems that will satisfy your soul, lift your heart, and tickle your funny bone. Karen Vuranch, Julie Adams, and I have gathered our very best and very favorite pieces about cookery and community (and the connections between them) into a performance that's full to the brim with laughter and love. And now POTLUCK is available on CD!

Here's what people have said about POTLUCK:

“They are a treasure! A great mix of humor, storytelling, and the richness of loving relationships.” - Rhonda Lindon Hammon, Batavia, OH

“I laughed and cried and laughed some more. I will never forget this wonderful evening.” - Sallie Daugherty, Charleston, WV

Come out and hear us live!

Saturday, March 19, 2016: POTLUCK in Ripley, WV. Join us for a performance at the Alpine Theatre in Ripley, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Friday, July 8, 2016: Taylor Books, Charleston, WV. From 7:30 to 9:30 pm, George Castelle and I will be playing and singing our gentle, folky originals...and we are bringing some friends. Hope to see you there.

For more information about my music, or to schedule workshops and performances, please contact:

Colleen Anderson
Mother Wit Writing and Design
P.O. Box 525
Charleston, WV 25322

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